Delay Analysis

We specialise in claim management with regards to the cause, prevention and effects of delays in construction projects for both Contractors and Principals. Our Delay Analysis experts are experienced in Programming and the programming aspects of Delay Analysis. With this highly sought-after service they give advice and practical solutions for time-related issues, at any stage of your construction project.
Specifically, we undertake the following:

  • Assessment of EOT Claims
  • NOD & EOT Templates and Registers
  • Assessment of Progress
  • Proposed Contract Review
  • Prepare Claims using Register Templates


Assessment of EOT Claims

Our Delay Analysis experts can independently and impartially review and assessment of the Extensions of Time (EOT’s) claims under the terms of the contract. Before we commence the assessment of EOT claims, we will thoroughly review and examine all relevant documents and assess the current progress achieved by the Contractor on site. We will prepare a re-sequenced Programme to Completion and a Project Calendar for the correct counting of working days. This will allow us to start assessing the extent of any entitlement of EOTs as well as any revised dates for the practical completion date. We offer our conclusions and executive summary following the completion of our analysis and investigations.
We report our assessment of EOT claims in the following ways:

  • Letter of Advice for up to 2 EOT claims, on average 15-20 pages
  • Expert Report for more than 2 EOT claims, on average 40 pages
  • Expert Witness Report for external disputes, on average 80 pages


NOD & EOT Templates and Registers

We understand that providing Notice of Delay (NOD) and Extension of Time (EOT) claims can be a complicated and time-consuming process. However, the quality and accuracy of the information provided and records available is key to successful EOT claims. Failure to accurately assess delays to completion can result in unnecessary extensions to the completion time and disputes about the entitlements to the EOT or delay costs.
In order to support Contractors with their NOD and EOT claims, we prepare Templates to be used during the contract period. We include the time-related clauses from the Contract in the Templates to make it easy to address the cause of delay and time bar compliancy. With our NOD & EOT Register you are able to summarise the notices and claims in one document. The Templates offer Contractors a way to quickly and consistently prepare NODs or EOTs that include all necessary information to prepare a successful claim.
Our Delay Analysis experts can also work with you to fill out the Templates we have prepared, allowing you to focus completely on your construction works.


Assessment of Progress

Our Delay Analysis experts can independently review and monitor the construction project’s work for delays. This service is recommended when it is likely that significant delays occur, or when delays are already reported. Before we commence the assessment of progress, we will thoroughly review and examine the Construction Programme. We will perform an analysis of the Contractor’s progress in carrying out the works following our site visit(s). To be able to effectively monitor the project’s progress, we prepare high over re-sequenced Programme to Completion and a Project Calendar.
Following our review and assessment we determine a likely date for the Contractor to achieve practical completion. All of our findings will be summarised in a Letter of Advice.


Proposed Contract Review

Thorough analysis and consultation of time related clauses in construction contracts during the tender period to avoid or minimise the risks of future claims or disputes.