4D BIM: 5 of the most common challenges we’re solving for our clients

  1. How can we quickly test sequencing scenarios with the project team without wasting weeks of time emailing Gantt chart revisions?
  2. The programme is constantly evolving and changing. How can we communicate it quickly to the team and minimise re-work and delays?
  3. Project teams are too time poor to digest pages of Gantt chart both for our current jobs and future jobs we’re bidding on. We need a faster way to engage them, and incorporate their valuable ideas and experience.
  4. Some project team members are not as skilled or experienced in construction methodology and planning. How can we explain the plan and educate them at the same time.
  5. How can we be certain that our client understands the unique and innovative construction methodology we’ve proposed in our bid, giving us a better chance of selection?


4D BIM solves these challenges.

Our team of 4D planners and visualisers work together to create realistic representations of your project using either the models you provide or the models that we create. Watch our highlights reel and if some of these problems resonate with you, get in touch with us to discuss the application of 4D BIM on your project.