Coronavirus: Good practices for EOT claim entitlements

Solid Support has been approached by several clients for advice to determine the time related impacts of the Coronavirus outbreak on their construction projects.

There are some basic good practices Contractors can follow to support their entitlements to an Extension of Time (EOT) claim.

The importance of maintaining good records and communication between the parties is imperative in this situation. Whilst the full extent of the delay is not known at the moment, a successful claim will require evidence and supporting documentation.

Here are some of our recommended good practices:

  1. The Contract Programme is regularly updated and statused on an ongoing basis.
  2. Keeping a Site Diary and recording daily site conditions with site photos.
  3. Keeping  a record of ‘Offsite’ design approval dates and delivery periods.
  4. Complying to the time-bar requirements in accordance with the Contract for submitting delay notices and claims.

If you’re unsure and would like to speak to a Forensic Expert in the first instance, please contact:

Ana Sharma (+61 416730311).