Coronavirus update #6 – Reporting on your productivity with COVID-19

When updating your construction programme to demonstrate the impacts of COVID-19 on the project, there is a temptation to simply allocate a global delay. The reality of this complex and evolving situation is that impacting your contract programme with a broad, simplistic measurement potentially weakens any claim you put forward. Solid Support has developed more detailed tools and reports to better analyse these impacts. One example of this analysis is the Loss of Productivity report. This is explained briefly below.  

Loss of Productivity Factors 

When preparing the Loss of Productivity report, an understanding of all factors must to be obtained to demonstrate the delay in its entirety. The human factors may include mandatory social distancing, mental health challenges, quarantined workers and changed working hours. On top of these human elements, procurement and shipment of materials from interstate and overseas locations are also impacted through border closures, new regulations, and changes in logistics functions. These factors are some examples, which can delay your construction project and affects its productivity. 

Loss of Productivity Reports 

Solid Support has been recently engaged by several builders across the country to prepare Loss of Productivity reports for their construction projects. The main purpose of this report is to determine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on construction sites, and subsequently on the projects’ completion dates. 

Builders are under pressure to communicate with their project stakeholders about how they are responding to the pandemic and their project commitments. The Loss of Productivity report is an effective way of doings so. We work with our clients to document and analyse the various challenges they are facing in adhering to their programming commitments due to COVID-19.  

For example, in our case studies, we found that the builder was delayed on certain critical trades due to reduced overlaps between the critical activities. This was in order to maintain the social distancing measures onsite. The Loss of Productivity report may include: 

  • Productivity Analysis incorporating performance factors 
  • Photographic Evidence 
  • Impacted Programme  
  • Project Calendar 

We recommend our clients use these reports to demonstrate the full impact that COVID-19 has on their projects. We have successfully delivered such reports in the past weeks, and our clients have provided us with great feedback. We believe reports like this empowers the project stakeholders to collaborate in a collegiate manner and less adversarial one. 

If you would like us to prepare a similar report for your projects, please get in touch with Tim Spiteri, Senior Planning Consultant (