Corporate Training

Solid Support offers face-to-face project management training specifically for people working in the construction industry. The courses are created by our construction planning experts. They are delivered by our team of experienced consultants who have trained thousands of construction industry professionals. This means that you will learn valuable practical information and best practices in addition to the standard training topics that the curriculum offers.

During our project management training, you will learn how to create a new schedule or take ownership of an existing schedule. You will learn how to adjust, resource, monitor and revise that schedule over the life of the project. We begin with the basics by teaching fundamental planning techniques, and can cater for all levels of experience.

We have divided each of our courses into various process driven modules. All the trainees begin at module 1 and work through depending on required competency. From experience, we know that this rectifies poor fundamentals and increases the outcome of good implementation after the course. Each module only takes 4 – 6 hours because we understand that your project team members can’t miss a full day on-site.


Powerproject Training

The Powerproject Training modules are designed for those who are new to Powerproject and need a basic overview, or are looking for a refresher and to catch up on the latest version.
On completion of the Powerproject Training modules, you will be able to create and track an entire project from start to completion. You will learn to create and link tasks, reschedule the project structure, display progress, set up code libraries and print out a project with annotations, plus understand all of the necessary reporting. You will learn how to analyse the critical path, understand the concept of ‘float’ and create more detailed project reports.


Microsoft Project Training for the Construction Industry

MS Project for the Construction Industry is suitable for people currently working in project related roles or those who would like to extend their project management skills using MS Project 2010 or later.

This course is designed to provide you with the necessary skills to plan and schedule a construction project. The course focuses on setting up a project in MS Project, creating a project sequences of task, durations and dependency logic. You will learn how to manage project calendars, resources and costs. You will learn how to report on project progress against a baseline and document delay claims. This course consists of 3 different modules.



Contact us to ask about rates and discuss group sizes, available dates and specific training needs.