Powerproject 4D BIM

Powerproject BIM is an extension module for Powerproject which enables you to combine a 3D model with your project schedule in a single application, to create a powerful 4D environment.

By using the visual power of 4D, you can assess the feasibility of a project plan and identify problems that may not be visible via traditional schedules – helping you to save time and increase efficiency. 3D images and videos make communication and discussion around planned works easy, ensuring your explanation of the plan is clear and effective.  Assessing the powerful information that sits within the BIM model makes you a better planner. This makes it ideal for tendering and progress monitoring during every construction stage.

Getting started is easy.  As Powerproject BIM is fully integrated into the product, there’s no complicated data exchange or learning process.  You can import 3D models directly into Powerproject BIM and build a basic 4D plan by quickly and easily associating project tasks with elements of the 3D model.

Solid Support’s Consultants are experienced with all project management software currently available, including 4D BIM applications. From their experience, these are the powerful options of Powerproject 4D BIM:

  • Easily link the construction sequence to the 3D model to check programme logic.
  • Model linking with advanced search functionality allows for easy object searching.
  • Quickly identify objects which are not linked to the programme by using the ´Unscheduled Product Mode´ function.
  • Site objects can easily be added to the model and linked to the programme.
  • Progress can be shown at a regular defined interval time.
  • Combine multiple IFC models into one model.

Try Powerproject BIM for yourself and start enjoying the communication, time and efficiency benefits it brings. Arrange a 30 minute online demonstration now to find out why many firms are making the switch to Powerproject and Powerproject BIM. Solid Support is a National authorised reseller of Powerproject and operates the Australian helpdesk for technical support.