Solid Support’s solutions to the leading causes of construction disputes

The Eighth Annual Arcadis Global Construction Disputes Report 2018 gathers insight and captures dispute trends to determine the leading causes of construction disputes globally. The three most common causes of construction disputes ranked in order for 2016 and 2017 as outlined in this report are:

  1. Failure to properly administer the contract
  2. Poorly drafted or incomplete/unsubstantiated claims
  3. Employer/Contractor/Subcontractor failing to understand and/or comply with their contractual obligations

Incomplete or unsubstantiated claims is a cause for dispute that our Delay Analysis experts regularly encounter. In particular, incomplete or inadequate programmes are unfortunately all too common occurrences.
A robust programme, which addresses contractual obligations is critical to avoid disputes. At Solid Support, we work with our clients to create and maintain superior programmes throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Our claim templates ensure consistency with contractual obligations. A complete and well substantiated claim is simple when utilising these templates, with straightforward check boxes and pre-determined fields for ease of use and minimal administration time.

The report also highlights digital transformation as a “huge opportunity to take a new and better approach” to recurrent problems. Three of the several benefits outlined in the report are:

  • Reduced siloes and improved stakeholder management.
  • Improved transparency in strategy, communication and controls of programs.
  • Improved trust and accuracy in estimates.

We are passionate about the digital transformation of time data for construction projects. Linking 3D models to project schedules is a service widely used by our customers to improve stakeholder management and communication of programme data. We look forward to presenting this work in the future, so stay tuned to our LinkedIn announcements.