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ADCO Constructions Pioneers Digital Project Planning with Asta Powerproject


Since its establishment in 1972, ADCO Constructions has emerged as a leading figure in the Australian construction landscape, renowned for its commitment to trust, honesty, and family values. With an impressive portfolio of over 4,000 projects, from early work packages to $300+ million projects, ADCO has carved out a formidable reputation, consistently ranking among Australia’s top 100 private companies. Currently managing over 40 projects, ADCO stands at the forefront of industry innovation, seamlessly blending its rich heritage with a modern, forward-thinking approach.

Embracing Digital Transformation

ADCO’s journey towards digital excellence in project planning began with a critical challenge: the need to streamline and upgrade their existing mix of planning tools. The decision to transition to Asta Powerproject and Asta Vision was a pivotal moment, marking ADCO’s entry into a new era of digital planning.

The decision was driven by key factors:

  1. Progressive innovation
  2. Industry focus
  3. Centralised and secure cloud hosting with BI reporting and revision control
  4. Reliable local software support and training
  5. 4D Planning
  6. Strong interoperability
  7. Customisable and flexible
  8. Cost-effective licensing

Strategic Implementation for Enhanced Planning

The transition from legacy systems like Microsoft Project and Primavera P6 to Asta Powerproject and Asta Vision was meticulously planned and executed. ADCO’s diverse team, including engineers, planners, and project managers, engaged in comprehensive training sessions facilitated by local Asta reseller Solid Support Pty Ltd.

Key aspects of the transition included a rigorous assessment process by a working group, project-based champions for user support, and a focus on deploying the new platform for new tenders and projects. The transition strategy involved project-based champions, ensuring seamless adaptation without disrupting ongoing projects.

“Asta Powerproject and Vision have provided ADCO a platform to perform at an industry leading level in planning and programming. The opportunities provided and the consistent development and refinement of the systems provides an exciting future with endless potential.”
William Moller
Construction Planner

Innovative Features for Future-Ready Planning

ADCO’s transition to Asta Powerproject and Asta Vision notably includes the enhancement of their reporting system. The new setup allows for the automation of monthly reporting, with Asta Vision acting as a central repository for all planning data across programs. This integration facilitates the generation of automatically updated reports, streamlining ADCO’s ability to monitor and manage project progress efficiently.

Alongside this, consistent templates and pre-built task pools streamlined programme development, while upcoming features like Global Libraries promise to standardise processes and enhance data capture across the company.


ADCO’s Digital Journey: A Benchmark in Industry Excellence

The integration of Asta Powerproject and Asta Vision into ADCO’s operations is more than a technological shift—it’s a testament to ADCO’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the construction industry.

As ADCO continues to embrace the digital future, its journey serves as a benchmark for others in the industry, showcasing the transformative power of digital planning tools.


Local Support Driving Success

Solid Support Pty Ltd, with a track record of assisting nearly 1000 industry professionals in Australia and New Zealand, provided comprehensive training and responsive support.

As a testament to Asta’s impact, six of the top ten contractors in Australia now leverage Asta Powerproject and Asta Vision, showcasing the growing influence of this innovative digital planning Solution.


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