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PM3Time: Helping You Use Time Wisely

Beautiful timesheet software

Simply put, PM3Time is an easy-to-use time, cost and expense management system that just works. It provides clear, integrated, and ‘real time’ visibility of how your employees and contractors are spending their time, whether that be on projects or non-billable work.

From simple timesheet approval to contractor cost management and reporting, PM3time can help manage employee and contractor time across your organisation. Setting utilisation targets, tracking actuals, tasks and activities has never been easier.

Whether you are estimating costs or reviewing performance, PM3Time gives you and your team the tools you need to make your team more productive.

PM3Time interfaces to the XERO accounting package.


Simple Data Entry

Entering your time in PM3Time is simple and quick whether you are using the mobile app or the main application.

Project Costing

PM3Time maintains multiple rates per person and by role. Job costing reports can then be generated.


There are a wide range of reports available in PM3time that are out of the box. PM3Time allows you to download reports into a variety of file formats including Excel.

Xero Interface

PM3Time has a built-in integration to Xero allowing you to automatically generate invoices using PM3Time costing data.

PM3Time allows you to specify your utilisation calculation and you set utilisation targets by role and person.
Simple Approvals

PM3Time allows managers to approve timesheets and expenses from within an email rather than logging on to the PM3Time system.


Simple Data Entry

PM3Time is designed for users to enter their time as easily as possible. With one click you can add your timesheet items from the previous week. Timesheets can be created from templates and PM3Time warns you when you have incorrectly entered your time. Notes for each project can also be added. Time can be entered on our mobile app available on the App and Play stores.

Xero Interface

PM3Time has a built-in interface to the Xero accounting application. Time and rates can be recorded in PM3 and invoices can be generated from the PM3Time data. Other accounting package integrations are available.

Simple Timesheet Approvals

Our PM3Time users love the simplicity of our approval process. Unlike most timesheet systems, you can approve a timesheet from within an email. A timesheet user can send his or her timesheet for approval and the approver receives a copy of the timesheet in his or her email. This can be approved from within the email rather than having to log on to PM3time which saves time and increases the rate of timesheet approvals.
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PM3, the award winning PPM tool

Bringing clarity from complexity

The philosophy of PM3 is to always focus on the project and programme outcomes. Whether running a few projects, large transformation programmes, or managing a complex portfolio, PM3, is an easy-to-use PPM tool that always delivers results.