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PM3, the award winning PPM tool

Bringing clarity from complexity

The philosophy of PM3 is to always focus on the project and programme outcomes. Whether running a few projects, large transformation programmes, or managing a complex portfolio, PM3, is an easy-to-use PPM tool that always delivers results.

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PM3 has a decluttered interface and only shows each user the screens and information they need to perform their role. This greatly reduces complexity and increases user adoption.

By choosing PM3 you are also selecting Solid Support and BestOutcome as a partner. We are a team of PPM specialists in Australia and New Zealand who are passionate about making sure you achieve your goals. A PPM tool on its own is not sufficient to guarantee success; you also need trained and enthusiastic users. Our team provides expert training and mentoring. PM3 also comes with a PPM learning portal containing ‘how to’ project management videos, processes, and templates. PM3 can be easily configured by you so that it matches your processes.


PM3 is the only outcome-driven portfolio, programme and project management tool that helps you run everything from simple stand-alone projects to large-scale business change programmes.

Benefits realisation
PM3 ensures that your benefit plan is realistic in terms of its timing and value.
Beautiful Reports and Dashboards

PM3 has over 100 out-of -the-box reports and drill down dashboards. You can also build your own reports using drag and drop.

Prioritisation and Transformation

PM3 is not just a project management system, it has been designed to manage programmes and portfolios and facilitate prioritisation.

Effective Resource Management
Ensures you understand your resource ‘pinch points’ and your planned portfolios have sufficient resources.
Agile and Waterfall
PM3 supports waterfall (Prince 2™) and agile methods including user stories, sprints and kanban boards
Prioritisation and Transformation

PM3 is not just a project management system, it has been designed to manage programmes and portfolios and facilitate prioritisation.


Effective Resource Management

PM3 maintains capacity by role and by person. Project managers can request resources for their project via a simple workflow and the relevant resource manager can then allocate the people who have the right skills and availability. Resource Management can be a complex process but PM3 makes it simple. Resource managers can see in graphical or tabular form whether a resource group or individual is overloaded or underutilised. PM3’s resourcing module ensures that you have the optimum mix and numbers of resources to deliver your portfolio.


PM3 has great-looking dashboards that you can configure and save yourselves. Dashboards allow drill down to lower levels of detail where appropriate. They have been well designed by UI experts and can either be on-screen or printed as reports. PM3 dashboards are heavily used by executives and portfolio managers.

Effective team collaboration

PM3 is designed to be used by the whole team; team members can collaborate to deliver the project or programme. Team members can use either PM3 or our PM3Team app which is available on the Google Play and App Store. Updates on the app are automatically synchronised with PM3, helping to improve team productivity.
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PM3Time: Helping You Use Time Wisely

Beautiful timesheet software

Simply put, PM3Time is an easy-to-use time, cost and expense management system that just works. It provides clear, integrated, and ‘real time’ visibility of how your employees and contractors are spending their time, whether that be on projects or non-billable work.

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