BIM & CAD Visualisation

Graphically illustrating your project and time schedule provides a clear and easy display of your intentions with regard to completing a construction project. To accompany the critical path schedules we prepare, Solid Support employs in-house CAD visualisers, to graphically illustrate and communicate the project works. CAD visualisation is a powerful tool that has a positive effect on project approvals and helps saving time and money during pre-construction and construction. We are experienced in:

  • 2D Construction Methodology
  • 3D Construction Methodology
  • 4D BIM
  • 360-degree Virtual Reality (VR)



2D Construction Methodology

2D is used to highlights the complexities and details within a construction project that may be problematic to convey via text. It is an essential component of pre-tender planning, pre-contract planning and start onsite because it provides the foundation for a successful project.Our 2D site drawings include one, or a combination, of the following plans:

  • Site Establishment Plan
  • Materials Handling Plan
  • Site Traffic Plan
  • Pour Sequence Plan
  • Site Accommodation Plan


3D Construction Methodology

By embedding data into the simple 2D model, we’re able to create a three-dimensional representation of your site plans. This gives every stakeholder on the project a better, more natural and intuitive way to understand the proposed construction process (methodology) and design of your project.
We create 3D BIM models using software such as Sketchup and Revit or work with the models that you provide.
With the 3D BIM model, we create:

  • 3D Staging Diagrams
  • Materials Handling Plans



4D BIM is a true game-changer in terms of efficiency and budget for construction projects. By linking scheduling activities to the 3D model, you can accurately and clearly explain how your structure and the surrounding site will visually appear at each construction stage, even to the less technically minded.
4D BIM provides a clear and easy to understand visualisation of your construction methodology and logistics, rather than having to envisage that from plans or Gantt charts. By coordinating all data in one central place, the model detects clashes and re-adjusts plans according to newly added information. It gives you the ability to see what you actually build versus what you are trying to build.
Our BIM & CAD consultants are experienced in the creation of:

  • 4D Animations
  • Inhouse training videos
  • Product demonstrations


360-degree Virtual Reality (VR)

You’re now able to immerse yourself in the virtual environment of your own project. Interact with your 3D model & see the impact of your logistic plans in real time settings. These impressive platforms can provide innovative ways to optimise solutions for everyday construction sequencing problems.