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BIM & CAD Visualisation

BIM & CAD Visualisation

To accompany the programmes we prepare, Solid Support employs in-house CAD Visualisers to graphically illustrate and communicate your project’s works. The visuals allow you to accurately and clearly explain how your structure and the surrounding site will visually appear at each construction stage, even to the less technically minded.

4D BIM & 4D Planning are powerful tools that have a positive effect on project approvals and helps saving time and money during design, tender and construction phases. 

Our Product Portfolio Includes:

Our comprehensive 2D visual documents highlight the complexities & detail within a project may be problematic to convey via text. Following your input regarding the proposed construction method, cranage or other materials handling locations, etc., we will prepare site management 2D diagrams. These will outline the proposed work zones, directional arrows, etc. to indicate the order of the proposed building construction, access points, scaffolding, hoardings and materials handling that will need to employ in order to meet the projects objectives in pictorial form.

We overlay existing photos of your construction location (i.e., Nearmaps or site photos) with your proposed methodology, site establishment or traffic management. This option is perfect for communicating your high over construction methodology in a few slides.

By embedding data into the simple 2D model, we’re able to create a three-dimensional representation of your site plans. This gives every stakeholder on the project a better, more natural and intuitive way to understand the proposed construction process (methodology) and design of your project. We create 3D BIM models using software such as Sketchup and Revit or work with the models that you provide. With the 3D BIM model, we create 3D Staging Diagrams and Materials Handling Plans, allowing you to communicate your projects work.

3D Block Diagrams are similar to 3D Staging Diagrams, with the difference that we model the main building as simple blocks. This option saves time and therefore allows for quicker turnaround for jobs with deadlines approaching soon. The surrounding landscape will be modelled according to the existing terrain & surrounding building will be shown as basic blocks. Upon receiving marked up site establishment plans from the client we will place cranes, hoists, fencing etc.

Immerse yourself in the virtual environment of your own project. Interact with your 3D model & see the impact of your logistic plans in real time settings. These impressive platforms can provide innovative ways to optimise solutions for everyday construction sequencing problems.

4D BIM is a true game-changer in terms of efficiency and budget for construction projects. By linking scheduling activities to the 3D model, you can accurately and clearly explain how your structure and the surrounding site will visually appear at each construction stage, even to the less technically minded. Showcase your construction methodology with utmost accuracy. Our skilled consultants & visualisers work together creating realistic representations of your project in action. We create 4D simulations and animations with Synchro or 3DS, either by the models you provide or by the models that we create.

Using the 4D model for monthly reporting & statusing and visualising schedule delays is a great way to communicate ongoing project works to project stakeholders. Once we created the 4D Simulation of the project we can organise monthly 4D Statusing updates. Following the statused programme, we will update the links in the 3D model to show the baseline versus actual project works.

Excite your potential clients with a Construction Animation. Our team will craft a Construction Animation to communicate your winning vision for the project. Ideally suited to projects where you want to communicate a unique offering to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Early engagement is key to this type of jobs success and establishing the unique offerings early in the work winning process will enable Solid Support to compliment the ideas with stunning visuals. The final product can include a professional voice over of a script that you provide. Each animation will be bespoke to the job and your unique offering.


Key Benefits of using CAD / BIM Visuals include: