Solid Support


Project Programme Management

Solid Support specialises in providing professional planning services. Our services assist Project Managers in performing their tasks in the most expeditious manner during the tender, contract and construction phase of a project. Our personnel are experienced with all project management software programs currently available, including 4D BIM applications.

Considerable emphasis is placed on pursuing interactive participation with the client and consultant team members in the tracking, monitoring and reporting of the project’s progress. Our 4D BIM services provide unparalleled insight into programme validation. Communicating the plan to your project team has never been easier.

Solid support offers the following services in relation to construction scheduling:

Programmes detail the works required to meet our clients’ project objectives:

  • Key milestones
  • Preliminary work, site learning and site access
  • Subcontractor letting, shop drawing and procurement lead time information
  • Onsite construction works
  • Materials handling, scaffolding, etc.
  • Site infrastructure, civil & external works
  • Commissioning and handover information

We produce a draft detailed programme using your preferred choice of software. We evaluate elements such as proposed work methods, existing and occupied building protection and pedestrian access. Following final input and approval we prepare a programme in A3 colour format. The programme format shows a time scaled network Gantt chart and is based on the relevant calendar accounting for non-working days.

We visit your project site to status the construction programme. Our experienced consultants communicate with relevant project staff and prepare a schedule and detailed report relating to the offsite and onsite progress. The report provides an unbiased view of the status for management review and action and typically includes: Project details & summary, current critical tasks, site visit commentary, photographic record, project status, record of delays, project scheduling calendar with milestone dates and critical path status programme.

Methodology statements outline the key aspects of the construction methodology. They explain the proposed approach to the project and detail aspects related to the construction programme. Working closely with the project team who leverage our experience, we issue the final document in A4 colour format. These can include 3D and 4D CAD visualisations, tables, and technical wording and is created based on your requirements.
Utilising in house CAD modelling and programming capability, we create 4D BIM content. 4D construction simulations are created by simply linking programme activities to elements within the 3D model. Traditional progress techniques including planned versus actual can now be communicated in a visual format. Behind schedule tasks, and out of sequence work is easily identified allowing for fast and efficient corrective action. Satisfy your 4D BIM mandates, and start realising the benefits of BIM.
We prepare scheduling calendars to show all significant milestone dates for your project. These include working day numbers and we highlight all Public Holidays, RDO’s and Building Industry non-working days. Solid Support calendars are downloadable from our website.
We understand that in some instances project teams prefer to create their own programmes. Why not have your programmes validated by Solid Support? Upon request we can edit and update your existing programme while we perform the review or share a report of our findings. We can create a standard report for all future programmes you create to ensure we include comment on the topics you’d like our advice on.
We are available to deliver our planning services onsite at your office upon request. While being present at your location, our consultants collect valuable up- to-date information through communication with relevant project team members face to face. This results in high-quality, real-time information which adds to the accuracy and detail of the programme.
Accessing the data for many projects all at different stages and varying sizes can be difficult. We are able to bring all of your project data across multiple projects into a Master Development Schedule. A centralised version of all project status’s allows us to create simple dashboards for ease of management reporting and data analysis. Make informed management decisions with centralised management of all resources, time and cash flow data.
Existing programmes such as design developments, approval programmes, construction programmes and civil work programmes can be combined by our consultants. We provide due diligence, review the combined programmes and report on programming issues. We finalise and convert the combined project file into any format that you require. Just a simple software conversion is also available (Powerproject, P6, MSP, etc).

Business Intelligence is a powerful analytical tool which enables you to easily produce accurate, professional looking dashboard reports on the core business metrics required by the senior managers within your organisation without having to collate the data manually.