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Asta Powerproject

Planning & Project Management Software

  • Easy integration with other software such as MSP and P6
  • Dashboards and online storage solutions 
  • Adaptable layouts to suit your style of planning
  • Project communication made easy, including free viewer
  • Improve project outcomes with scenario simulations
  • Maintain visibility of costs
  • Manage resources across your programme
  • Check compliance against industry / company standards
  • Mitigate risks in your plan
  • Protect against litigation with evidence

Asta Powerproject makes planning easy. Solid Support is the leading provider of Asta Powerproject software sales & support in Australia and New Zealand.

With intuitive scheduling, 4D BIM integration, a mobile app and resource management features, it is used on projects of all sizes, empowering better project outcomes.

Asta Powerproject supports more than 100,000 professionals worldwide in delivering successful projects by equipping organisations with the award-winning project, programme, and resource management tools necessary to bring their built asset to life, regardless of scale; whether a high-profile megaproject, single storey extensions or anything in between.

Free trial

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Asta Powerproject for better planning

Deliver better projects by planning your next project in a tool designed for construction, infrastructure, and related industries.

Powerful and scalable project planning software

Users around the world choose Asta Powerproject because getting started is easy. Task pools and code libraries make it easy to build and visualise your plan in minutes.

Drawing and linking tasks for critical path analysis and assigning codes, calendars, resources, and costs can all be done intuitively from within the Gantt chart, to rapidly develop your plan.

Asta 4D

Asta 4D enables you to combine 3D models with the power of Asta Powerproject scheduling in one solution. This means you can instantly see the impact of changes in the 3D view as you update the Gantt chart, delivering effective 4D planning.

(Cloud Solution)

Asta Vision

Powerproject Vision enables users to view live project data across all projects, delivering significant improvements in workflow controls and access to up-to-date information.

By seamlessly connecting all projects and programmes in one central location, businesses can be assured that all parties involved have access to the latest project information necessary to deliver better project outcomes, regardless of their location.

Site Progress App

Update your Asta Powerproject plan from site using the mobile app. The Site Progress App works directly with Asta to enable flexible, site-to-office progress reporting to record project progress quickly and easily via mobile devices.

Implementation Services


We provide a wide range of training to help both new and more experienced users improve their skills in working with Asta Powerproject. We begin with the basics by teaching fundamental planning techniques, and can cater for all levels of experience.

Technical Support

Solid Support operates the Australian helpdesk for Asta Powerproject. We will help you to get the most out of your investment in our software and includes the free provision of all maintenance updates and upgrades. All users have access to an online Support Portal which contains a comprehensive knowledgebase, current version downloads, full access to the add-on library and extensive product information.

Customised services

Our team of experts can save you time by customising your Asta Powerproject solution. Assignments can be as short as half a day, for tasks such as constructing a project template to simplify project creation and consistency, writing a macro to automate a repeated process – or as long as several months for a major organisation wishing to change its project delivery processes and associated management information reporting.

Profile in Australia

Solid Support provides Asta Powerproject software sales & support in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. With many years’ experience of providing our software solutions to the construction industry in Australia, we understand the best ways for you to maximise the benefits and return from your investment through training, implementation and technical support.

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