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Introducing AstaGPT:

AI technology to get you back on track. Instant answers. Expert guidance. Always on.

We only search for help when we really need it. That’s why we’ve supercharged how you access ours.

AstaGPT uses AI technology to quickly answer your questions about Asta Powerproject, Asta Vision and SiteProgress. Trained on our world-class help documentation, AstaGPT is designed to give you the help you need faster and in a more intuitive way.

Expert help. Always on.

AstaGPT is your 24/7 access to a super user who knows our help documentation – all 1.5 million words of it – back to front and in over 150 languages.

Save time every time.

AstaGPT does the searching and sifting for you, giving you the best answer first time, every time.

Q and A: Question and Action.

Every AstaGPT answer is clearly laid out in a logical sequence so you can understand it and then action it.

Better, faster, stronger.

Expert help delivered instantly means you can get back on track better, faster and stronger.

Profile in Australia​

Solid Support provides Asta Powerproject software sales & support in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. With many years’ experience of providing our software solutions to the construction industry in Australia, we understand the best ways for you to maximise the benefits and return from your investment through training, implementation and technical support. Asta Powerproject Helpdesk: +61 2 9743 4666 or