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Asta Connect

Asta Connect

Connect, collaborate, transform

Asta Connect is a collaborative task management tool that simplifies complex projects by connecting the right people with the plan, to transform project success. Create transparency and improve key stakeholder engagement in the planning and execution phase of any construction project.

Align with the Master Plan

Import Project allows project teams to import their organisation’s overall master programme to ensure overall project objectives remain aligned.

Simplify Schedule Creation

Users can get started easily by creating a brand-new master schedule.

Keep tasks in one place

Project teams can work productively and efficiently by visualising all their tasks in one place. Manage to do lists, assign teammates, identify dependencies, and set deadlines to keep the project on track.

Visually Connect Project Teams

By splitting a project up into various phases/ time horizons teams, pull planning improves workflow and generates buy-in from all project disciplines.

Monitor Project Performance

From live data feeds to planned percentage complete, data insights allow project teams to quickly understand project performance.

Maintain Project Team Commitments

Automating communication through system generated notifications ensures project teams remain accountable for their work to ensure workflow is not hindered.

The Powerproject Portfolio includes:


We provide a wide range of training to help both new and more experienced users improve their skills in working with Powerproject. We begin with the basics by teaching fundamental planning techniques, and can cater for all levels of experience.

Technical Support

Solid Support operates the Australian helpdesk for Powerproject. We will help you to get the most out of your investment in our software and includes the free provision of all maintenance updates and upgrades. All supported users have access to an online Support Portal which contains a comprehensive knowledgebase, current version downloads, full access to the add-on library and extensive product information.

Customised services

Our team of experts can save you time by customising your Powerproject solution. Assignments can be as short as half a day, for tasks such as constructing a project template to simplify project creation and consistency, writing a macro to automate a repeated process – or as long as several months for a major organisation wishing to change its project delivery processes and associated management information reporting.

Profile in Australia

Solid Support are a Powerproject reseller and operate the helpdesk for Australia and New Zealand. With many years’ experience of providing our software solutions to the construction industry in Australia, we understand the best ways for you to maximise the benefits and return from your investment through Training, Implementation and Technical Support / Helpdesk.

Powerproject Helpdesk: +61 2 9743 4666 or