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30 Years of Planning Experience – We have seen a lot!

30 years ago, Solid Support was created. Over those 30 years, we have programmed a range of projects all across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Region. We have worked in the Arts, Culture & Sports, Commercial, Defence, Education, Health, Justice, Residential, Telecommunications, and Transport & Logistics sectors. We work from the early development phase to the construction / delivery phase as part of Programming & Planning Services. 

We asked our experienced planners what was the most memorable project to plan and why it was so memorable.  Here is what they had to say: 

Praveen Deshpande, NSW State Manager & National Planning Manager

International Research Centre, Macquarie Island

The location is halfway between Hobart, Tasmania & Antarctica. This island has no human habitats. The construction materials needed to be shipped from Hobart with the ship leaving from Hobart twice a year. As the island is very small and the sea around is shallow, the ship unloads the material around 1 km from the island. The material is carried to the island with smaller boats (dingies) and is dropped to the various locations on the island by the helicopter.  

The wildlife such as seals, penguins, albatross etc, come to this island for their breeding seasons; and we had to take into consideration their calendar as well. Each part shipped to the site was quarantined at Hobart, so that it shouldn’t have a negative impact on the wildlife & their breading season.

The material procurement, shipping & delivery was a great challenge. The duration for this job was around 7 years.” 

International Research Centre, Macquarie Island.
Paul Gallagher, Northern Regional Manager

The Bundaberg Aquatic Centre 

It was a fairly complex with lots of pool specialist works having to be integrated into the main building works. It was like a big puzzle, requiring careful planning and input from various specialist trades to ensure it could be built in the best and most efficient time period. ” 

The Bundaberg Aquatic Centre
David Uttley, Managing Director & Co-Founder

The 2000 Olympic Games

The Opening Ceremony is the ultimate project completion date that cannot be moved. The planning around logistics as well as construction is phenomenal as you can imagine.” 

Sydney Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

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About the writer

Daren Maynard BSc (UWI), MSc (Warwick), PhD (UTS) MIISE, PMP®. works as the National Training Manager at Solid Support. He is an Industrial Engineer specialising in Projects Portfolio Management. In the past 15+ years, he has taught at all levels of education. This teaching experience has been concurrent with his project management experience.