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Asta Powerproject Version 17

Delivering value continuously Asta Powerproject version 17 enhances your user experience with all-new planning features, streamlines product updates, and introduces more seamless ways to stay compliant and work together. Upgrade to V17 Get started easier than ever before Software Release Automation A brand-new installation and update notification mechanism underpins version […]

Download a Power BI construction project dashboard template

Leverage your construction project data to gain valuable insights Do you want to take your construction project reporting to the next level but don’t know where to start? Or are you looking for a way to automate your monthly reporting using Power BI. Maybe you are simply after an alternative […]

Table Slicer in Power BI that looks like Excel

There are various way to include slicers in your dashboard. In this article we will walk you through an option that looks a lot like an Excel table slicer. This intuitive filter option will make your dashboard more usable.  For this method you will be creating 2 buttons, a rectangle […]

Quick Tips & Tricks – Resources Delays

Calculating resources delays and demonstrating them visually The various border regions between the Australian states & territories may find themselves having different Covid-19 restrictions. These restrictions affect construction workers because they may live in one state or territory or LGA but have to cross the border to work on their site. The establishment of border […]

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Quick Tips & Tricks – Showing Delays

Multiple ways to communicate delays visually. With the Covid-19 pandemic still affecting Australia across various economic sectors, construction is no stranger to the delays caused by the pandemic. This pandemic has caused delays to the supply chain and has affected the availability of workers across construction sites. Governments in the various states and territories have […]

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NSW Construction Shutdown

5 tips from our experts to protect your time and cost entitlements Current restrictions will affect contractual completion dates. Protect your time and cost entitlements by following our advice:   1. Status your contract programme on the last working day before the closure. 2. The three essential items to identify and include in your claim […]

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