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Understanding Delay Claims in Construction

Delay claims are a significant aspect of any construction project, often leading to disputes and financial repercussions. These claims arise when a project is extended beyond the scheduled completion date due to unforeseen circumstances. Understanding the intricacies of delay claims is crucial for both contractors and principals to manage and […]

30 Years of Planning Experience – We have seen a lot!

30 years ago, Solid Support was created. Over those 30 years, we have programmed a range of projects all across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Region. We have worked in the Arts, Culture & Sports, Commercial, Defence, Education, Health, Justice, Residential, Telecommunications, and Transport & Logistics sectors. We work […]

Programme Statusing and Its Importance

When you are working on a project, you are expected to report on the status and progress of the project. With construction projects, there are lots of contractual obligations. The statused contract programme is one of those obligations. The statuses programme gives us a sense of where things are at […]

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