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Architectural Fly Through Animations

It was a privilege to collaborate with the team at ABACORP on the Alma Freshwater project. The team at Solid Support are capable of high render Architectural Fly Throughs. Jim Gao leads a team of talented animators, modellers, and design people to create: “an immersive viewing experience that visualises property development and plans in a realistic way.”Get in touch: […]

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Construction Animation

Excite your potential clients with a Construction Animation. Our team will craft a Construction Animation to communicate your winning vision for the project. Ideally suited to projects where you want to communicate a unique offering to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Early engagement is key to this type of jobs success and establishing the unique […]

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3D/4D Visualisation showreel 2020

This showreel demonstrates the depth of capability within the Solid Support team across Australia. With over 30 staff dedicated to construction planning techniques, and working on over 800 projects a year, our visualisation experience is what our clients like about us. Explaining construction methodology and sequencing over time is what we do. Here’s what some […]

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