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5 tips from our experts to protect your time and cost entitlements

Current restrictions will affect contractual completion dates.

Protect your time and cost entitlements by following our advice:


1. Status your contract programme on the last working day before the closure.

2. The three essential items to identify and include in your claim submission at time of site closure:

     a. Critical trades on the programme 

     b. Current delays on the programme 

     c. Incurred cost due to non-critical trades

3. Find out what is allowed and not allowed during lockdown. For example, is material delivery an urgent need?

4. Use your time working from home to review the contract with a legal professional and focus on entitlements under the contract. 

5. Upon reopening, a commonly underestimated factor is site re-mobilisation time and cost. Be sure to account for this.


Several weeks without site progress will most certainly impact the sequencing of works, especially interim hand over dates. 

Manage your project sequencing and delays today to ensure you’re well positioned to recover once sites re-open.
Our experts can help. 

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